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    The Lesser Known Side Effects of the IVF Process

    The Lesser Known Side Effects of the IVF Process

    When you’ve made the decision to go through the process of in vitro fertilization, you are met with more information than you ever thought possible. Your fertility specialists will tell you all about the normal risks and side effects of the IVF process, but did you know there may be some weird (and sometimes serious) side effects that are less talked about? We’ve rounded up a few, just for you.


    You Grow More Facial Hair

    Hirsutism, or excessive growth of facial and body hair is usually a sign of an imbalance between estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. Progesterone acts as a regulator for the endocrine system, which also works to stimulate hair grown. So, since progesterone injections are a must-do when going through IVF, imbalances will occur.


    You’re Hungry ALL The Time

    Progesterone strikes again! Not only can progesterone cause an increase in appetite, it is often used as medical treatments for loss of appetite and loss of weight in cancer patients. Progesterone helps the body produce proteins that increase appetite, and can lead to weight gain. While it’s okay to indulge during this period, be careful. The success rate of IVF increases greatly when you are within a healthy BMI range.


    There Is A Greater Risk for Postpartum Depression

    Recent studies in both Denmark and Australia found women who have children following intense reproductive treatments, including IVF, were five times more likely to go through postpartum depression. While around 1.5% of women go through IVF, around 6% of those women sought mental health help. These findings are contradictory to the thought that women who conceived through infertility treatments would be less likely to need help with mental health-related issues that those that did not conceive. Researchers are still trying to determine as to why this is the case.


    You May Get Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

    Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, or OHSS, is a condition in which your ovaries become swollen and painful. A small number of women may develop severe OHSS, which can cause rapid weight gain, abdominal pain, vomiting and shortness of breath. OHSS is a direct result of fertility medication used to stimulate egg growth. Most of the cases are mild, but in very rare cases the condition can be so severe it can leave to serious illness or death.

    Symptoms of OHSS can begin around 10 days after using injectable medication. Signs of mild to moderate OHSS range from abdominal pain, diarrhea, ovarian tenderness, and a sudden weight gain of about 6.5lbs. Symptoms of severe OHSS can include decreased urination, shortness of breath, blood clots in legs, and rapid weight gain of anywhere from 33-45 lbs over the course of 5-10days. No matter what your symptoms are, it’s important to see a medical professional as soon as symptoms occur.


    Do you have any questions about weird side effects (or ANY side effects) of the IVF process? Call the doctors at Miami OBGYN to set up a consultation.

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