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    The Top 5 Things That Keep You From Losing Weight

    The Top 5 Things That Keep You From Losing Weight

    Kale, chicken breasts, and berries. Oh MY! You’re working on losing weight and getting fit, but for some reason, the scale is not budging… at all. While it’s great to celebrate the many healthy accomplishments you make along the way, when you’re not getting to where you want to go, it can be tough to stay on track. Here are the five big mistakes that could be holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals:


    You’re Not Sleeping Enough

    For most of us, nothing feels better than the comfy warmth of the bed. If you’re trying to lose weight, embrace the bed! Not getting enough sleep will affect your body’s ability to control its appetite, leaving you feeling even hungrier. Also, don’t lose sleep over adding exercise to your daily routine. If waking up early is your way to the gym, grab your Z’s a little earlier in the evening. Not only will lack of sleep affect your appetite, your workout will suffer in the process. Doubly whammy!


    You’re Only Doing Cardio

    We all know that cardio is a great way to blast a ton of calories quickly, but if you’re slogging away on the elliptical and not losing a pound, it’s time to incorporate strength training into your routine. Not only will strength training increase joint strength and reduce pain, but by building muscle mass, you increase your metabolism even while you sleep! (Psst… when you have a higher muscle mass, you burn more calories when you’re doing nothing!)


    You Don’t Drink Enough Water

    Filling up on water before a meal can help you with portion control as well as keeping you hydrated and your skin looking fabulous! Having a glass of water first thing in the morning and the last thing at night can help you look great and keep your digestion on track. Need a little more spice to your water? Add some! By infusing water with fruits, citrus, herbs, and spices, you’ll drink more water and cut the cravings for sugary beverages.


    You’re Eating TOO MANY Healthy Foods

    That avocado toast on sprout bread may be full of good fats and grains, but they aren’t completely void of calories. So, while eating healthy is the way to go, eating too much of anything is never a good idea. Using fitness and calorie counting apps (as well as a well-metered food scale) you can eat what you want and stay within your caloric limit.


    Your Partner is Not On the Same Track

    You’ve been going to the gym four times a week – good for you! You’ve had so much water, you feel like a camel – well done! You are proud of yourself for coming home with fresh fruits, veggies, and lean meats -couldn’t be prouder! Then BAM! Your partner brings home a pint of ice cream and your favorite chips. You are more likely to fall into bad habits when your partner isn’t supportive of your lifestyle change. If you’re still having trouble, try making healthier versions of food both you and your partner like to eat. And if you’re still having trouble, explain to your partner how important it is for you to remain on track. Once your results start to show, they may even start to join in.


    It can be easy to get discouraged when you don’t see the results you want. It’s important to know that if you do get off track, you can just turn yourself around and get back on course. A stumble does not mean a fall. Make the choice to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your health (and your waistline) will thank you!

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